Steve Cooley Don’t be Lame

Should a voter’s friendships and relationships prevent him or her from getting answers on a candidate’s stances on important issues?  Should a candidate refuse to answer questions from voters who might not agree with him or her?  Potential California Attorney General Steve Cooley apparently thinks so.

I had to learn that lesson the hard way.  Weeks after I was promised answers to my questions for Cooley on issues such as women’s rights, heathcare reform and the environment, the San Francisco Chronicle reports

“On Friday, the pro-choice Harris held a news conference in SF where she called on the Republican to ‘clarify his stance on women’s health and choice issues’ accusing him of ‘consistently’ refusing to do so. (At the event, Harris also scored the endorsement of NARAL, a pro-choice group who couldn’t get an answer out of Cooley.) The issue got some attention after a blog post by Christine Bronstein, wife of former Chron editor Phil.

For the record, Cooley spokesman Kevin Spillane told us (and without delay) that the prosecutor has ‘always’ been pro-choice. They didn’t respond to Bronstein because she’s a ‘friend’ of Harris’ and ignored NARAL because they are ‘essentially an arm of the Democratic Party,’ he added.” (emphasis mine)

 Well, I am not friends with Kamala Harris, although we may become friends as a result of all this hubub.  Let me clear up any misconceptions, in the hopes that it’ll make Cooley feel more amiable about responding to a voter (and founder of a social media site) who wants to know his positions as well as share them with others.

 I first heard of Kamala Harris years ago when her opponent in the race for San Francisco District Attorney implied (and the media quickly picked up) that Harris and my then boyfriend, Phil Bronstein (now my husband), were having an affair. Although the implications were untrue, the rumors were not fodder for a friendship to bloom.  

I have never spoken on the phone with her or emailed with her.  I have had dinner with her once, in a group.  However, I have dined with lots of politicians including Al Gore, John Kerry and even George W. Bush. Does that make me friends with them?  

I have donated to her campaign because I believe in her as a powerful woman leader, but I am open to hearing all sides, which is why I emailed Cooley my questions in the first place.

Earlier this week in a brief LA Times blog Spillane called out the Harris campaign for calling Cooley’s stance on reproductive rights into question, saying that Harris knew Cooley was pro-choice and that her campaign is “lame” for suggesting otherwise. Yet, I found no easily accessible evidence of Cooley’s stance in my research for my blog post. Where are we supposed to find this information if he won’t respond to direct questions and he doesn’t post his positions on key issues on his website?

So, now that that is cleared up Cooley are you going to respond?