Is 3 Too Young for a Bandage Skirt?

slide_300866_2525729_freeI love trends.  I love trends so much that my 19-year-old and I started a blog about how to wear the latest trends on two generations.  Recently we did a post on Herve Leger dresses and my 3 year-old was in the shoot in her favorite Juicy bandage skirt (pictured to the left).

My 3 year-old always had her own specific style.  She had a tiara phase.  She had pajama phase where for an entire year she wore only pajamas. Her closet was filled with daytime jammies and night time jammmies. And last year, after we showed her re-runs of Jem and the Holograms, she started wanting her hair pink.  “Jem hair”, she insisted even before the toddlers with dyed hair trend swept the celebrity tot set. She is into pink hair, temporary tattoos and yes playing in my make-up.  So, after reading recently that Victoria Beckhamdoesn’t put on make-up in front of her daughter Harper because she is concerned that it will give her issues about her looks, I had a momentary parenting reality check.

Am I creating destructive self-esteem issues by allowing my 3 year-old to dye her hair, chose to wear a bandage skirt, play with make-up and temporary tattoo herself?

After some mental debate, I am choosing to stick to my original parenting plan of letting her dictate her own style.  No one is forcing it on her.  She doesn’t even see much make-up worn in our household.  I mean I have 4 kids and 4 dogs so I barely even have time to shower.

Her desire for bright pink hair (she prefers Chloe Norgaard’s favorite Manic Panic), bandage skirts and tattoos comes from her own personal style and cartoons since she’s not privy to tabloid magazines or fashion news and 90% of the time she sees me in mommy mode and not dressed up.  But I am thinking about the slippery slope aspect.  At some point her choices might seem inappropriate even to this lenient mom.

This column first appeared on the Huffington Post