Instagram’s Racial Divide

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Empowering Women with Real Simple Magazine

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The Miracle of Putting Co-Sleeping to Bed Thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now

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Is The Retouching Debate Bringing Us Down?

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I Think I’ll Make It: Kat Hurley Speaks About Being the Five-Year-Old Star Witness in Her Father’s Murder Trial

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The Real Problem With Miley Cyrus and Marissa Mayer: Twerking, Lounging and Mixed Messages

"Why are Feminists Judging Miley Cyrus?" is the title of a recent Rush Limbaugh show. Although I find Limbaugh horrendous, this question was also in … [Read more...]

Drugs, Rape and Political Terror: Interview With Isabel Allende on Her Latest Novel Maya’s Notebook

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Why Women Should Think Like Mark Zuckerberg

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What Do “Sluts” and “Feminists” Have in Common? They’re Both Taking Down the Women’s Movement

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Why Are Family Jewels Just for Men?

Last night I was reading Tin Tin to our oldest boy and when a character had lost some jewels he could not contain himself. "Jewels" he yelled … [Read more...]